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April 15, 2013


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Greetings to anyone who still visits my page! Thank you for checking back even though I hadn't posted stuff in such a long time. My last journal entry is from almost 4 years ago. Shame on me! hahaha. I thought it was time to update it with some random thoughts!!!... yay!

I just saw Jurassic Park 3D on IMAX for the fourth time this past weekend! It was such an incredible experience to see my favorite movie back on the big screen. Everyone is writing about it, and fortunately the reviews for it have been great! So different from what critics said 20 years ago when it was originally released. I still remember reading a terrible review on the newspaper when I was a kid, saying the movie was way too frightening for kids to see, and that the rating should be bumped up to R, etc, etc, (they compared it to "Batman Returns", which came out around the same time). Thankfully my parents ignored all these "potential post-traumatic disorder" warnings about the movie and took me to watch it anyways because they knew I loved dinosaurs so much. My life was never the same, because after seeing Jurassic Park and simply not understanding how it was possible to make such a movie, the question "How did they do that?" became the biggest and most important. I think it helped me get through some rough times, because no matter how bad things got, there was always a goal to look forward to, a higher purpose that meant more than any difficulty I went through - to figure out the enigma of Jurassic Park.

I still haven't figured it out. As interesting as technical answers about animatronics and animation software are, I think they are only part of the answer to how they gave the dinosaurs such an awesome presence. It is the whole movie I think, the way it is paced, the music, sounds and the careful staging of the dinosaurs. The first T-Rex appearance is foreshadowed by the rippling water and the mauled, bloody goat's leg falling on the roof of the car creates an authentic sense of danger. The Brachiosaurus is revealed with a triumphant musical score (none other than the Jurassic Park theme itself!) and timed perfectly after a second of silence as Grant and Ellie look off-screen in awe. The Dilophosaurus has an interesting twist to its introduction. It is first presented as a harmless, playful character - only to shock the audience when it suddenly reveals its deadly, predatory nature. The raptors have the longest introduction in the movie, and when one finally makes an unexpected appearance (quite literally) it makes for a scene worthy of a horror movie and a perfect jump-scare. In contrast, when the Triceratops is revealed, the feeling is the opposite, it is pure awe and wonder. There are not many movies that can combine wonder, suspense and horror as well as Jurassic Park did  (I think "The Neverending Story" did this very well too).

The lighting in some scenes is much darker than in most movies of the same genre nowadays. The Dilophosaurus scene is set at night in the rain, and the Dilophosaurus itself is mostly seen as a shadowy figure, speckled with glossy reflections. The T-Rex main road attack sequence has a similar dark look, with the huge dinosaur sometimes seen only through rain-splattered windshields. I think they left more to the imagination, and it had a powerful effect. But whenever the audience couldn't see a dinosaur, the filmmakers made sure they could still hear it, and the dinosaur sounds created for the movie are among the most recognizable of all time - the awe-inspiring T-Rex roar, the blood-curling Raptor shrills, and the haunting trumpeting sounds of the Brachiosaurus.

John Williams' score is a classic masterpiece with a wide range of moods, like the movie itself. The "Theme from Jurassic Park" has become an anthem of movie magic, and the music written for the raptor scenes is just as terrifying and effective now as it was 20 years ago.

Another thing I noticed watching the movie this time is how it doesn't down-talk to the viewer at any point. The filmmakers of Jurassic Park were not afraid to speak to the audience in a technical language and pull the curtain on the science behind the premise: The latest theories on dinosaur evolution (the dinosaur-bird connection), the astonishing bio-engineering procedure that brought dinosaurs back to life and the mathematical theory that ultimately predicted the park's demise. This all added up to create an incredible sense of realism.

I could go on writing about how amazing this movie is, but I think this is already a really long journal post! If you got this far, thanks so much for reading!

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Mech-HAN Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Hobbyist
Well...I remember the first time watch this movie near a museum...I was a very young kid and it really scared me a lot and I just watched a few minutes...I just didnt prepared to face some so real stuff,thought I just watched a robot T-Rex in the museum...That film really made some change to the film industry...
Also,about“How did they do that?”,well,I thought it is a wonder created by computer untill I watched some video about how they film the velociraptor...They seems use more high quality costumes and model than 3D model in that I think of it,well,the tradition costumes is as important as computer...
Red-Dilopho Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013   Filmographer
It's true, besides the animatronics and CGI, they also used dinosaur suits for the raptors (which I didn't know until recently too). I think that the combination of different special effects techniques (rather than using just one) is one of the reasons the dinosaurs looked so real!
perishing-twinkie Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013
Welcome back, Juanasaurus :)

I watched it in 3D last weekend, t took me forever to find someone willing to go with me!! I couldn't believe it, I was like "GUYS! It's THREE-DEE DINOSAURS!!" as though they needed anything else to convince them. Fortunately one friend was totally down and we geeked out about the movie for a while after. It's really amazing how it's TWENTY years old but the CG still stands the test of time. I think it's also incredible how much we've learned in the last 2 decades that makes a lot of the science of JP wrong. I mean granted the "science" was never really right (after all, Velociraptors the size of small turkeys aren't nearly as threatening) but things like feathers and that T-Rex was probably a scavenger and less of a hunter.

But still... that TRex scene IN THEATRES with SURROUND SOUND (cuz I'd never seen it in theatres, I was way too young when it came out)... gave me chills!!

Anyway it's good to have you back dude. Next time I'm in TO we should definitely meet up, it's been way too long and I'd love to catch up with you. :)
Red-Dilopho Featured By Owner May 5, 2013   Filmographer
Thank you, I'm glad to be back! :D That's so cool that you got to see JP in 3D! I know, the CG special effects still look just as awesome now as they did back when the movie was first released. The animatronics also looked amazing!!! I read somewhere that for the fourth JP movie they will still use a combination of animatronics and CGI! (I can't wait to see it!)

It's true, some of the science is a bit outdated now, hopefully we'll see some of the latest theories on how dinosaurs looked like (feathers!) in the new movie.

And for sure, when you're visiting in TO we should hang out! it's been a while!
perishing-twinkie Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
I heard that the director said "no feathers" :/. But it's supposed to be the start of a new trilogy so I feel like they should be making it with the latest science in mind. For example, they could still keep the raptors the same size and just call them Utahraptors...
Hopefully it'll be good though! :)
ebelesaurus Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student Filmographer
jurassic park is my all time favourite movie. it is almost 90% of why i am where i am today. but for some demonic and strange reason, i almost fell asleep watchng it in imax 3d
Gohanza Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Before I had a smarthphone I kept changing my ringtone. Whichever song I chose, it would eventually turn a bit annoying, hearing the same tune all the time, specially for my friends.
When I got an Android, almost two years ago I've set the Jurassic Park Theme as a ringtone and NOBODY EVER complains about it! I just let it play for some time before I answer it, it's the perfect song :D

Unfortunately my country is not one of the many that are releasing Jurassic Park 3D, which is really weird... I've sent some e-mails asking our distributors for the reason but no answer yet. I envy you so much! Four times already!!! I hate 3D but I'd gladly ruin my eyes multiple time for watching my favourite movie ever at the theater!!!

And it's really ridiculous that such a review back in day could imply that children should not see the movie! All the kids were histerical about it!!! I hope it happens again :)
jurassicpark Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013   Digital Artist
Welcome back stranger! :wave:

Completely agree with you - no matter how many times I see the original 1993 movie it still blows my mind! Quite a few people working in special effects cite JP and The Terminator as huge inspiration for getting into the business :popcorn:

Unfortunately I can't see in 3D because I'm nearly blind in one eye but fear not! Those super-realistic 2D dinosaurs are awesome just a they are :thumbsup:

The soundtrack is still one of my favourite parts of the entire franchise - whenever I hear "Journey to the Island" or "A Tree for my Bed" I start humming along :music:
Red-Dilopho Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013   Filmographer
Hi, thanks! I'm glad to be back on DA!

I totally agree, Jurassic Park doesn't need the 3D to be amazing, it really stands on its own the way it was originally released! And the soundtrack played in the theater speakers is beyond awesome too!
Gohanza Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm studying cinema and Jurassic Park and Terminator are both on my top favourite movies of all time :)
I always had an interest on special effects, and that's really what I wanted to do for a living, thanks in great part to Jurassic Park but unfortunately there's really no such a culture as "special effects" in cinema, in my country. Specially not "physical, palpable", I'm not so much a fan of CGI.
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